Think Big Marketing Automation Masterclass

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I’m delighted you’re interested in my six step THINK BIG Marketing Automation and Email Masterclass for modern entrepreneurs and business owners.

The THINK BIG Masterclass brings you a series of modules based on the marketing strategies and best practices BIG businesses use.

Adapted for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the THINK BIG Masterclass program will inspire and provide you with the foundations on how to kick start and leverage the many opportunities that marketing automation and email marketing provides.

After consulting to thousands of corporate companies and helping them add hundreds of millions of dollars to their bottom line, I have now turned my efforts to helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their dreams. Whether you’re starting your business, or taking an existing business to the next level, I’m here to help you turn your big thinking into a reality, no matter how big, or how far you plan to go.

Think big and love your work.

What’s included in the THINK BIG Masterclass

When you join the THINK BIG Masterclass you will have your own personal account, where you will be able to login and access the six learning modules

The THINK BIG Masterclass includes:

  • Online THINK BIG account
  • New learning modules unlocked as you complete them
  • Access to weekly instructional videos
  • Module learning booklets for download
  • Support documents available for download
  • Activities and assessments
  • Weekly webinar access and live reviews
  • 1 x one-on-one session with Justine to review your planned campaigns
  • Access to campaign library for best practice examples and inspiration

You will have access to a variety of learning materials for 6 months:


Weekly Webinar Sessions


Access to  instructional  videos


Unlock learning modules at
your own pace


1x One-On-One session with
Justine to review your stategy