One on One Mentoring
with Justine Coombe


“Justine Coombe is a lady who knows her stuff. This book blew my mind away, a great read for all business owners.”
– Andrew Griffiths

“Justine is awesome – she’s a Marketing Automation Expert, Owner of Ignite Digital and has been featured at our Brand Accelerator events for her incredible success as a Key Person of Influence. She has added over $160 million to her clients revenue – so yeah, she kind of knows her stuff”.
– Glen Carlson, Key Person of Influence

Packed with invaluable marketing insights and strategy, Justine Coombe’s Marketing Automation LIVE Masterclass will teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to replace high-touch, repetitive manual marketing with optimized personalized automated marketing programs. Justine will focus on programs to optimise new customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies.

This masterclass provides a simple step by step framework that will walk you though planning, strategy, design, development, automation and measurement for your automated marketing programs. You will learn the same successful techniques used by large corporations making multiple millions of dollars and makes them understandable and achievable with a small business budget. Justine will show you how to create million dollar automated revenues on a shoestring.

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