The axis of a happy and fulfilling life

The axis of a happy and fulfilling life

Find your life’s intersection and life an indefatigable life

As humans we have more joy, self confidence and are congruent with ourselves when we are engaged in our life’s purpose. I have found that there are always just a handful of fundamental core beliefs that an individual can base their life’s purpose upon. Often there are two dominant beliefs – these create your intersection. When you are operating your life around your intersection, your soul will spark. You will have significantly more joy during your time here on earth. I believe that you will become indefatigable when your soul is sparking.

I have had the unique opportunity to discover my true axis during a training program (Key Person of Influence) that has spanned the last 40 weeks. Over this period of time I was presented with this concept of a personal intersection for the first time.

Identifying and then understanding what takes you spark can be a very long process. It can mean a step by step un-peeling of layers of beliefs, purposes and re-working incorrect stories that you’ve been telling yourself – for years. It takes time to discover your true intersection.

I have identified my personal intersection as;

  • empowerment
  • achieving goals

My business (Ignite Digital) just so happens to be based on my personal intersection. It’s the reason why my business has been so naturally successful. It’s been based on my beliefs and the spark of energy I have injected into Ignite Digital has enabled the business to thrive as my team and I empower and engage with our customers to achieve their goals.

I work with Marketing managers and Chief Marketing Officers to empower them with the right knowledge, software and solution to achieve their budgeted and ongoing marketing goals. Because Ignite Digital is a pure extension of my intersection, it has thrived. I didn’t realised that I had even built the business in alignment to my personal axis until after I was able to identify what my personal axis was!

These two deep passions are the things that drive our efforts, excite our minds and engage our attention with true passion.

I implore you to find your intersection. Find out what makes you spark and build your life around serving others at your intersection.

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