A selection of my favourite Welcome emails

I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite Welcome email designs from a few companies that i have observed over the years.

I LOVE Welcome emails with the following (because they drive interaction, conversions and brand advocacy);

  1. Great use of colour
  2. Great use of imagery
  3. An actual ‘Welcome’ heading and message that is personalised to the new subscriber
  4. Menu items so that the new subscriber can shop straight away
  5. Coupon codes / welcome vouchers are an added bonus
  6. Information about what I’m going to get as a new subscriber
  7. Any next steps that I have to take in order to activate, or become a full member (fill in more details, click to confirm subscription etc.)
  8. Mobile responsive layout

To be inspired by a larger selection of  Welcome emails that I LOVE, visit my Justine Coombe – Pinterest

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