What does Justine have in common with Sir Richard Branson?

According to The Key Person of Influence , I (Justine Coombe) ROCK my business partnerships like Sir. Richard Branson. I’m honoured to be featured¬† in the Key Person of Influence infographic “Lessons Learned from the Icon of Entreprenuership“. It was a huge honor to be recognised for this achievement after creating a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership, one that has the entrepreneurial spirit of the master of entrepreneurship Sir Richard. Richard Branson doesn’t let an obstacle get in his way, and neither did I when she aimed high and set up a partnership with the leading global marketing software company ExactTarget, now known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Ignite Digital my Digital Marketing agency specialising in marketing automation, email, mobile, social and web using ExactTarget software. I’m featured in point number 5 – Partnerships. See an excerpt of the full info-graphic below;[/vc_column_text]
Justine Coombe & Richard Branson

I had always upheld a great relationship between my business Ignite Digital, and our main marketing software partner ExactTarget (now known as Salesforce Makritng Cloud).

A few years into the relationship I improved my pitch, then presented to over 40 Salespeople and Sales Managers from ExactTarget on the Ignite Digital suite of products, services and offerings. Following on from this, Ignite Digital had an influx of work after the 40+ sales people were now referring work to Ignite Digital. The result was the Ignite Digital phones started ringing every 3 minutes with inquiries, and millions of dollars of work flowed in.

The partnership was vital for Ignite Digital as we didn’t have a Business Development Manager. By forming and leveraging a good partnership I was able to tipple the Ignite Digital revenue and team members.

There is value in forming a great partnership. I had an opportunity to speak about this on stage to 500 + entrepreneurs in 2015. Below is the video;

Justine Coombe
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